Jesse was a rescued yellow Labrador we acquired, aged two, in 1999. Despite the name, he was definitely male. Like most Labradors, he loved walks, water, balls, sticks, attention, children, female dogs and food. However, with increasing age, like a lot of us, he wasn’t quite as thin and active as some of these photos suggest! Unfortunately, in September 2009 he developed a tumour and had to be put to sleep. A big loss for all of us.

jesse1jesse3jesse4jesse2jesse6jesse5  jesse8

This is Jesse with his one time ‘girlfriend’, Tassie.


Tassie produced 6 puppies with Jesse’s help, but unfortunately she rejected them, and only one, Tuppence, has now survived.


This photo shows Jesse, Tassie and Tuppence (on the right) together: